Alias Colonel
Gender Female
Race Human Mutant
Hair Color Magenta
Eye Color Green
Faction Dark Mother
Status Absorbed by Chaos
Voiced by
Elaine, sometimes called Colonel Elaine, is a mutant belong to the Dark Mother.

Unlike other Mutants, she's never shown being able to grow a cock of her own but she's usually teaming with General Chloe. The two of them seem to share a close friendship and possibly a physical relationship.

When infilitrating a hospital, she threatens to kill a certain individual, forcing the police to give up and get raped by Chloe.

For unknown reasons, she wears an eyepatch over one eye, implying she might be a failed Mutant or she simply lost her eye one way or another.

Fitting to her title of "Colonel," she's wearing a military cap, an open military jacket showing her boobs and stomach, a pair military jeans that only covers her legs and a pair of brown high boots.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese version, she has the Colonel rank. In the English dub, she's instead referred to as General. The reason for this change is unknown.
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