Moena Shinguuji
Alias Angel Blade
The Moonlight Knight
Unit One
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Brown
Light Brown (as Angel Blade)
Eye Color Light Brown
Faction Unknown
Status Alive
Voiced by Michiko Neya

Moena Shinguuji (Japanese: 神宮寺萌奈 Shinguuji Moena) is the main hero of the show. She transforms into her Alter Ego, Angel Blade (エンジェルブレイド Enjeru Bureido) when she has to fight the forces of Dark Mother.

Character DesignEdit

School UniformEdit

In her school uniform, Moena has brown eyes and long hair styled with a ponytail tied with a pink heart accessory (Which is similar to her Angel Heart). Wears a white-colored sailor outfit with yellow trims, blue collar with a red bow over it and a blue skirt. She wears black mid-calf socks and shoes.

Waitress OutfitEdit

As Kyoka's Waitress, she wears a purple maid outfit with white trims and an apron.

As Angel BladeEdit

In her Angel Blade outfit, her hair becomes longer and is styled in twintails while her breasts and buttocks grew larger. She wears a red helmet with a green visor which it covers her hair, leaving the twintails. She wears a dark blue corset with grey gems, dark blue garter with heart accessories and red and yellow high-heel boots. She appears to have a purple mark on her waist.

In the North American DVD cover, She wears a dark blue thong and heart-shaped pasties that cover her nipples.


Before Angel Blade Edit

Having lost her mother when she was an infant, and then having father go missing soon after, she was adopted by her distant aunt, Kyoka. Initially shy and withdrawn, she eventually came out of her shell, thanks to her job at the college cafe as a waitress, and her best friend, Hasumi.

Angel BladeEdit

Moena dreams about a young woman attacked by a GeoBlood. Just as a the mutant is about to rape her, Angel Blade arrives to slay the GeoBlood. After that, she wakes she asks herself why she's been having such strange dreams lately.

She is later seen at the college, admiring Seiryu Tenmyoin from afar as she is surrounded by her tons of admirers, wishing that she could talk like Seiryu, who suspect Seiryu to be the mysterious Angel Blade. Watching the students having a conversation that Seiryu is Angel Blade. Suddenly, a figure appears and begins groping Moena's breasts. Revealing that the figure is Hasumi, Moena's best friend.

Later she goes to her job working as a waitress at the college cafe. Kyoka asks Hasumi and Moena to go into town to get her some coffee beans and tea leaves for her. When they finish their shopping, Moena is accidentally knocked into the street by Shaiya Hishizaki. Policewoman Ayame Fudou, who witnessed the incident, takes both Hasumi and the unconscious Moena back to the college.

In a daze, she sleepwalks into the abandoned church on campus, where Nailkaiser and several GeoBloods are holding Ayame and Seiryu captive. Seiryu urges Moena to run, but Nailkaiser quickly fires at blast at Moena. When the smoke clears, Moena is nowhere to be found.

Moments later, Angel Blade arrives and destroys the GeoBloods. After a quick duel with the heroine, Nailkaiser retreats.

After Ayame asks Angel Blade for the identity of her attackers, the heroine begins to answer, but soon trembles as her body crackles with energy. Angel Blade begins to ask in confusion what is going on and soon collapses before turning back into Moena.

In the second episode, an unconscious and naked Moena is carried back to Kyoka's cafe by Ayame. Shaiya recognizes her as the woman that she bumped into earlier that day, and asks Kyoka if Moena is "Unit One". Kyoka confirms this to be true. 

Three days later, while Moena is working at Kyoka's cafe, she is visited by Seiryu, who asks to speak to her in private. Once they are alone, they speak about the events that took place at the abandoned church. When Seiryu asks Moena if Angel Blade saved them, she doesn't answer. Seiryu hugs Moena and apologizes for making her remember such a terrible event. She kisses Moena on the forehead and agrees to keep Angel Blade a secret between the two of them. 

Later that day, Moena is sitting in the park at night, wondering why she is Angel Blade. A tear falls on the Angel Heart charm on her choker, causing it to shine. She is then greeted by a vision of her naked mother, who comforts her and reveals that both she and her father chose to make her Angel Blade. When Moena asks why her father left her, her mother urges Moena to believe in him and that he created the Angel System to protect her. As her mother states that she will always protect her, she transforms into a vision of Angel Blade. It is then that Moena realizes that her transformed state is based on her mother's body. Her mother then tells her that she loves her, before disappearing.

Sensing that Seiryu is in danger, Moena quickly transforms to Angel Blade, summons her Motor Blade, and speeds off to the hospital. Just before General Chloe and Colonel Elaine are about to rape Seiryu, she arrives to save her.

In the third episode, Angel Blade is shown fighting both Chloe and Elaine throughout the city. She is overwhelmed by the two mutants, but just as Chloe is about to finish her, Angel Blade activates her Angel Wings and deflects the attack. Elaine charges at Angel Blade, but she is attacked by a mysterious warrior wearing armor similar to Angel Blade's. Angel Blade flies towards Chloe and lands a hit on her that wounds her face. Both mutants flee, swearing revenge. She is then greeted by the mysterious warrior, who introduces herself as Angel Ender, Angel Blade's prototype.

The next day, Moena again senses Seiryu in danger. She transforms into Angel Blade, summons her Motor Blade, and speeds towards Seiryu's location. After arriving at the Dean's hideout, Angel Blade encounters a naked and dazed Seiryu, who collapses into Angel Blade's arms. When Angel Blade asks if she is okay, Seiryu responds by kissing her. Seiryu then begins to suck and play with Angel Blade's breasts, and then grinds her knee against Blade's crotch. The two women pleasure each other until they both climax.

After Seiryu faints, Angel Blade is attacked by the Dean, who has been mutated thanks to Nailkaiser. After trapping her with his tentacles, he uses them to lick and rub Angel Blade's body. As he uses his tongue to lick her vagina, Blade's cries cause Seiryu to awaken. Just as the Dean is about to rape the heroine, Seiryu stabs the Dean with Angel Blade's sword.

After Seiryu demands that the Dean release Angel Blade, he chokes her with one of his tentacles. The sight of the imperiled Seiryu is enough to prompt Angel Blade to awaken her Angel Wings and break free. Seiryu tosses Angel Blade her sword, and the heroine uses her Ultimate Dynamic attack to defeat the Dean, who reverts to his human form. Blade then tends to the weakened Seiryu.

Angel Blade Punish!Edit

In the first episode, she is leaving the hospital where Seiryu is staying. She meets Ayame outside, where the policewoman says that she knows that Moena is Angel Blade and offers her a ride home. During their ride, Ayame admits how little she knows about Angel Blade and Dark Mother. When Moena tells her how worried she is about her aunt Kyoka, Ayame tells her that she only met her twice, and that Ayame was the one to carry Moena to Kyoka's after their encounter with Nailkaiser and her GeoBloods. They soon notice Shaiya on her motorbike, and after stopping at Kyoka's house, she tells them that Kyoka was captured by the agents of Dark Mother.

After Shaiya and Moena resolve to go to Dark Mother castle to rescue Kyoka, Ayame agrees to help them get outside the city. She takes them both to a large hangar where a large plane is sitting.

The trio fly to the Dark Mother castle in Ayame's ship, and after they arrive, Moena and Shaiya transform into Angel Blade and Angel Ender, respectively. The two Angels enter the castle and are greeted by Nailkaiser, who leads them into a large room, where they find an unconscious Kyoka lying on the floor. They are then greeted by Phantom Lady, who is on a platform high above them. Phantom Lady acknowledges their fighting skills, but tells them that their resistance against Dark Mother will end with the commencement of the feast.

The Angels, Kyoka, and Nailkaiser begin to sink into the floor, being absorbed by the Chaos. Just as Angel Blade begins to lose hope, and the feast nears its end, Kyoka's heart pendant on Kyoka's choker begins to glow. Angel Blade uses her Angel Sword and Angel Wings to free everyone from the pit of Chaos and launch a powerful attack on Phantom Lady. To her astonishment, Phantom Lady is able to repel the attack, and the Angel Sword breaks. As Angel Blade marvels at her opponent's strength, she hears a woman's voice faintly call her Moena. Angel Blade asks Phantom Lady if she just called her name, but before she can get an answer, Ayame bursts through the roof of the castle in her plane.

She watches Ayame fire a blast at Phantom Lady, but after the mutant easily deflects it, Blade realizes that she is too powerful. Angel Ender, carrying both Kyoka and Nailkaiser, tells Blade that they need to leave. The Angels stare at Phantom Lady as they flee, with Angel Blade wondering to herself why Phantom Lady let them go.

In the second episode, she and Ayame accompany Shaiya to the scene of her next photo shoot at a beach-side resort while Kyoka recuperates. After witnessing Ayame execute a daring high-dive into a pool, she is greeted by Elphie Elfman, a pretty, dark-skinned girl wearing a glasses and a cowgirl-themed swimsuit. The two of them relax in her bungalow, with Elphie watching TV and Moena reminiscing about her journey to Dark Mother's castle. She thinks about her fight with Phantom Lady, and wonders how the mutant knows her name.

In an effort to cheer her up, Elphie takes her out to play some pool. Moena beats Elphie repeatedly at pool, so Moena suggests they both play a shooting game. When she turns to let her know where the game is, she finds Elphie is gone.

While searching the hotel for her new friend, the lights in the hotel hallway go out and Moena is attacked by Widow, who grabs her with spider webs and reveals that she knows that Moena is Angel Blade. The villainess transforms into her mutant form, goading Moena to change into Angel Blade and fight her. Moena breaks free of her web and immediately changes into Angel Blade. The heroine tries to summon her Angel Sword, but finds herself unable to do so, realizing that she is losing her powers.

Their battle makes its way outdoors by the pool, where Blade still cannot use her powers. Though she tries to defend herself against Widow, the mutant is eventually able to grab her by the head and begins to crack her helmet. Just as she is about to be disemboweled, she is saved by a mysterious female warrior who introduces herself as Angel Beretta.

In the third episode, Moena watches as Angel Beretta has a brief fight with Widow. The villainess decides to flee, but not before telling both Angels that she has captured one of their friends and that they should come to the special arena at the central dome, if they want to save her. Angel Blade asks Angel Beretta who she is, but the warrior flees as Ayame arrives. Before passing out, Blade deduces that since Ayame is with her, then Shaiya must have been the one that was captured. 

Moena is then seen walking through a forest, looking for Elphie. She then comes upon Elphie, Ayame, and Shaiya caught in a giant spider web and being raped by Widow, who has the torso of a woman and the lower body of a spider. It is then revealed to have been a dream, as Moena finds herself in bed. After getting out of bed, she hears a knock at the door and thinks it is Ayame. The person knocking on the door turns out to be Elphie, who apologizes for her disappearance earlier, stating that she had business to take care of. When Elphie asks if she is okay, Moena breaks down in tears. 

The two women share a bath to help Moena relax. She assures Moena that her true powers have yet to be awakened, and that they are deep inside her. Elphie engages Moena in a tickle fight, that eventually turns into Elphie kissing Moena. Elphie then sucks on Moena's breast while stroking her crotch, causing the water to glow as Moena becomes aroused. When Moena climaxes, she as a brief vision of a woman that resembles Nailkaiser before passing out. 

She awakens in her bed, finding Elphie sitting on a couch nearby. Elphie tells her that she fainted, and that she is relieved that Moena is okay. Moena then receives a video of Ayame and Shaiya dressed in revealing outfits complete with cat ears. She then hears Widow's voice, explaining that the women represent female leopards running through a jungle. The two women have been fitted with leather outfits that are equipped with vibrators and placed in an arena with Widow's henchmen, Rush and Sledge, who represent hunters. The two captured women must fend off the men, while enduring the pleasureable sensation of the vibrators. Widow tells Moena that she has provided her with the fastest route to the arena, and tells her to get there quickly. 

Elphie tells Moena that she will go with her to save the two, and urges her to believe her in powers. Elphie then gives Moena a ride to the arena on her motorcycle. After both Shaiya and Ayame have been raped, Moena enters the arena in her weakened Angel Blade form. She enters the arena with Widow, is quickly captured by Widow's webs. The spectators in the arena then transform into monsters, while Widow toys with Angel Blade's body while the mutated audience watches. Angel Blade's heart-shaped pendant begins to pulsate and the heroine climaxes. 

Angel Beretta then storms the arena on her motorcycle and quickly kills all of the mutant audience with her twin guns. During the attack, Angel Blade's pendant glows with a golden light. After Ayame and Shaiya free themselves and kill Rush and Sledge, Widow demands that the heroines all take her on at once. 

Soon after, Angel Blade's body is enveloped in a column of light, which Angel Beretta notes is her Revival. She then appears with a restored costume and a much larger Angel Sword. As Widow rushes to engage the heroine in combat, Angel Blade uses her devastating Punish Storm attack. Activating her Angel Wings, she follows the attack with her Ultimate Tornado Crash and defeats Widow. 

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