Phantom Lady is a mutant, and the head of the organization Dark Mother. Very little information is known about her, what is known about her is that she's the biological mother of Karin, and, possibly also Moena.

Phantom Lady
Title None
Alias None
Gender Female
Race Human Mutant
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Red
Faction Dark Mother
Status Alive
Voiced by Ai Orikasa

Appearance Edit

Phantom Lady is a tall woman whose face and hair are concealed behind a mask. She wears a a long flowing cape with spikes on the shoulders, white gloves with pink finger nails attached to them, white thigh-high boots, and a skimpy outfit that barely conceals her breasts and vagina. Like all the other mutants of Dark Mother, she can produce a large penis out of her vagina. She also has a prehensile tail, and large, lactating breasts.

It isn't until the end of Angel Blade Punish! that her true face is revealed. She is a beautiful woman with flowing gray hair and red eyes.

History Edit

Possible Origin

It is hinted throughout the series that there is a possibility that she is Maina, the mother of Moena.

During the second episode of Angel Blade, while Isato is working in his lab with Kyoka to finish second Angel unit, he vows to break the dark spell over her, hinting that she may not be dead, contrary to what Kyoka had stated in the first episode. He also has a brief glimpse of Maina, who has blue hair and eyes very similar to Phantom Lady's.

Angel Blade

In the first episode, she appears only at the end to congratulate Nailkaiser on performing her duties and identifying Angel Blade, stating that she witnessed their encounter through her eyes. When Nail asks what they should do with her, the commands Nail, Chloe, Elaine and as leader giving orders to the her followers to catch Blade, while expressing interest at her Nanometal Skin Strengthening System. She lactates madly in anticipation of encountering Angel Blade again.

In the second episode, she is having sex with Nailkaiser while her breasts are pumped. The milk is used to nourish the GeoBloods below. After Nail cums, General Chloe and Colonel Elaine report to Phantom Lady that Ayame Fudou is at the hospital. Phantom Lady proposes that they could use her as bait to lure Angel Blade, and commands them to bring Ayame to her. After they leave, Nail begs Phantom Lady to punish her more with her cock. While she continues having sex with Nail, Phantom Lady states her amazement that Angel Blade is the finished project of the Metal Skin Strengthening System that was designed to fight Dark Mother. She says that she wants to get her hands on it, and, if she can't she will crush it. She then inserts the tip of her tail into Nail's anus and double-penetrates her until she cums all over her. Shortly thereafter, she takes notice of the arrival of her daughter Karin, who greets her.

At the end of the third episode, she is seen sitting on her throne, congratulating Karin for the capture of Kyoka, whom she identifies as the test for the Angel System. She urges Angel Blade to come and meet her soon.

Angel Blade Punish

This series sees a her in a more participatory role of antagonist. In the first episode, we see her supervising the punishment and torture of General Chloe and Colonel Elaine. When she notices that they are experiencing sexual pleasure from their torture, she decides to sacrifice them to Dark Mother.

Later, she is sitting on her throne, watching Kyoka being examined while she breastfeeds her Karin with her milk.

Then she observes the rape of Kyoka by Karin until she falls unconscious. She muses over the name that Kyoka murmurs right before climaxing: Isato. Shortly, there after, she notes the arrival of Angel Blade and Angel Ender.

After Angel Blade and Angel Ender enter her castle and encounters an unconscious Kyoka lying on the floor, she greets them, introducing herself as the master of the castle and the ruler of Dark Mother. She states that their fighting skills are amazing, but that everything will come to an end with the feast. She commands Karin to activate the trap on Blade and Ender, also betraying Nailkaiser. When Nail asks why, Phantom Lady states that it is because she loves Nail, and that it is a custom to submit your loved one for the feast. She urges Nail not to be afraid, stating that all those who come from chaos simply return to chaos again. 

As the feast nears its end, Angel Blade uses her Angel Wings to free herself from the pit of chaos and charge at Phantom Lady with her Angel Sword. To Angel Blade's surprise, Phantom Lady is able to resist her attack and break her sword. As they stare at each other, Angel Blade can hear Phantom Lady call her Moena. Before she can get an explanation from Phantom Lady, Ayame crashes her ship through the roof of the castle and rescues her. As the Angels flee, she urges them to become stronger. 

In the beginning of the second episode, Phantom Lady seen alongside Karin, talking to Widow via video. She gives Widow video data relating to Moena, Ayame and Shaiya, and charges Widow to go after them. When Widow notes Nailkaiser's absence, Karin gives a small chuckle before ending the transmission. 

At the end of the third episode, Phantom Lady is kneeling in a forest by a waterfall, unmasked and surrounded by sleeping children. She notices three differently colored jewels flying towards her and recognizes them as Widow, Rush and Sledge. Their jewels fall into her outstretched hand as she greets them as her children. She notes that they must be tired, and as their jewels disintegrate, she urges them to sleep well. 

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